Psyllium Husk Powder


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Unfortunately we have had delays on our regular psyllium shipment and at this stage will likely be out of stock for several weeks. We do have plenty of stock of the Whole Husks which may be suitable for you in the meantime. Please sign up to our newsletter (subscription box on Home Page) to be notified when husk powder is back in stock. Thank you!


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The consumption of Psyllium husks is an intelligent and healthful way to ensure that you achieve the recommended daily consumption of 25g dietary fibre. Psyllium husks absorb water to become gelatinous which helps the body in the removal of food wastes. It is also a useful ingredient for wholefood baking missions.

Sana Direct pure Psyllium Powder is of excellent quality and is:

  • An exceptionally rich source of dietary fibre
  • No Additives at all
  • Certified free from genetically modified organisms
  • Tested for contamination
  • Fine grade, easy to mix, no unpleasant aftertaste

This 40 mesh Psyllium product is our most popular Psyllium product. This is the one you should buy if you are looking for a premium quality replacement for standard supermarket or Health Shop Psyllium products. Please note that we also have Whole Psyllium Husks.

Contents: 100% Psyllium Husk Powder

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750 grams, 1.5 kg (2 x 750 g), 750 g in eco pack, 1.5 kg (2 x 750 g) in eco pack


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