Whey Protein Concentrate - Natural Unflavoured 1 kg
Sana Direct Ltd

Whey Protein Concentrate - Natural Unflavoured 1 kg

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Sana WPC is a premium quality Whey Protein Concentrate high in Protein and low in Fat and Carbohydrates.

Our WPC is manufactured using low-temperature Ultra-filtration which ensures retention of the physical and functional properties of the whey.

Six reasons to love Sana WPC:

    • Because of the low-temperature processing, Sana WPC has a good level of intact microfractions.
    • WPC is an exceptional complete, biologically available protein, containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids.
    • Sana WPC has a high concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's), which are the 'building blocks' of the body. Each serving of Sana WPC delivers approximately 6g of BCAA's.
    • Sana Natural Unflavoured WPC has a clean, neutral taste. No aftertaste at all.
    • Sana WPC is naturally low carb and low calorie.
  • This high quality whey comes from the milk of New Zealand dairy cows.