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We aim to provide currently accurate product information at all times, however mistakes do happen. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Sana Direct Ltd. does not accept any liability for any damage which may directly or indirectly result from any advice, opinion, information, representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, contained on our website.

Please be aware that our product suppliers may change or vary from time to time, so if you have requested information for a product, it may not apply to future orders.

Please refer to and adhere to our website health disclaimer:

Please note: the products sold on this site, and the information provided are not to be considered as substitutes for individualised healthcare. We are not in a position to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor should you use any of our products to replace prescribed medications. If you have concerns about your health, do not delay in seeking professional advice.

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While Sana Direct Ltd. endeavours to ensure that no computer virus or malicious software is present on our website, we can make no warranty as to your use of the site and will accept no liability for any damage to your computer or other hardware as a result of your use of the site.

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If you register a user account or place an order, you consent to us sending you the relevant transactional emails (order confirmed, order completed etc.) about your user account and/or order.

You can opt to receive the Sana Direct Ltd newsletter from by entering your email into the opt-in box. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time and your account will remain valid. You will continue to receive transactional emails when you place an order.

Continuity of Service

Product availability is subject to change without notice and we may temporarily close the website for breaks. Whenever possible, out-of-stock products will be clearly indicated on the site, however on occasion an out-of-stock product may appear as available. If you have purchased an out-of-stock item, a refund or backorder will be offered depending on if the item may be sourced. If the item is no longer available, you will be refunded within 3 working days.

Product Expiry

Our policy is to not dispatch any product within six months of its expiry date, unless the product is being cleared due to its short dated status.


Orders will not be dispatched until payment has been confirmed. In the unlikely event that fraud is suspected, this will be investigated before dispatch. Dispatch of product represents completion of the order. Sana Direct Ltd. may cancel and refund an order at its discretion.

Your Licence to Us for Contributions to Sana Direct Ltd.

Other than personal information, which is covered under the privacy policy, any material you contribute for specific inclusion on the site or the blog is considered non-confidential. This includes feedback or submissions you provide.

We do not claim to own your copyright material and will not use information provided in emails without consent. For information specifically provided for the website or the blog, you do, however, grant Sana Direct Ltd. a non-exclusive, royalty-free and irrevocable licence to:

  • publish such material in any media and in any format, including:
    • on the site
    • in emails

Third Party Copyright

If your contributions to the site or blog include material in which copyright or other intellectual property is owned by a third party, you warrant that you have the right to use that material and to grant the licence referred to in, and on the terms of, the clause above.

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